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Dangerous Dandelions

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m a fiend for rainbow colours and you can tell, from even a cursory glance at Tokyo-based, French designer / architect Emmanuelle Moureaux’s website, that she is too. I’m already sold.

Designing everything from tables (I love this) to bank buildings, cookery schools and installations for Issey Miyake (see here), her latest creation is ‘toge’ – which literally means ‘thorn’ in Japanese – a modular product available in 14 colours that can be interlocked together to divide and partition interior spaces or construct entirely unique structures. For this year’s designtide Tokyo, she built a wedding dress out of 500 of the urchiny baubles.

Though they look fragile, the individual pieces are made from piano wire and epoxy resin, and so (I’m safely betting) aren’t nearly as soft and delicate as the dandelion heads they so resemble.

{More images here}


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