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Crystal Castles

I’ve mentioned the backwaters of my computer before. Bear with me. 

There are folders there. Hundreds and thousands of them. Some holding old university work, some with school work in them, folders upon folders of pictures of other women dressed cool, an entire folder dedicated to interior design (I’m 23. I know this is like, completely sad)… You get the picture. Backwaters. Folders. And there’s a lot of stuff in there. Stuff I’d probably like to forget. Essays where sentences are 55 words long. Cookies for internet browsing that weren’t exactly kosher. A couple of Justin Bieber songs. For research purposes. Emails where I’ve written everything in lowercase. And spelt you as ‘u’. Because at one point in my life, I thought at was cool. Or kewl. Or whatever the kids say these days.

Anyway, before I wander off into tangent-land, there’s now also a folder named (delicately) ‘Cool Shit I’d Like To Own’. And Carly Waito’s canvasses are firmly categorised as such. I’m a sucker for photo-realism anyway, but the minute detail and the myriad colour and the stunning depth she manages to bring to her oil paintings blows my mind.




{Smoky Quartz}

{Multicoloured tourmaline}


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