Songs To Make You Smile: 24 – 28 October

My mother’s in London this weekend, and staying with me which means my flat is approximately 90% cleaner and my life 50% more organised than it has ever been, ever. And it’s actually lovely, because my room smells like home and her perfume and my cups of tea actually taste like they should. We’re running a full gamut of galleries and Borough Market and moseying around London today, and tomorrow we’re doing a late family and best-friend supper for my brother’s birthday at Homa.

In her honour the final track of this week’s music is her suggestion: it was released the month she turned 14. It reminds her (I know because I asked) of being up, late at night, listening to Radio Luxembourg and being one of the first people to know the song (and thus being deeply modern).

Happy listening and happy Friday!

Monday: The Beach Boys – God Only Knows

Tuesday: Bread – Guitar Man

Wednesday: TLC – Unpretty

Thursday: Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Friday: Todd Rundgren – I Saw The Light


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