She’s A Rainbow (Freak)

Here’s the thing about being a girl. We have lists. Hundreds and hundaruds of them (turns out, you only make more when you age – last time I went home, my Mother had spent the previous fortnight compiling a list of 17 things we needed to discuss). I have lists of things I want to buy (this jacket features, as do these jeans if they ever come back in stock), lists of things I want to cook that extends beyond the most basic pasta dishes, list of things I should be technically concentrating on (Council tax! Phone bills! Procuring a bedside table!), lists and lists of favourite songs, lists of monthly resolutions I never ever keep and lists of blogs I’d like to write… you get the picture. I’ve just made a list of lists.


One such list is a list of things that is titled thus: I-Know-It’s-Weird-To-Like-These-But-I-Do. The following things, in no particular order, feature:

  • Slices of apple with peanut butter (try it)
  • The smell of Kiwi black parade shine boot polish
  • Jack Black (everyone likes Jack Black, few admit to actually fancying him)
  • Toast with Marmite… and a sliced up boiled egg on top
  • Aqua. Not the water
  • Sorting Smarties and Skittles and Lovehearts (and any other coloured sweetie) into rainbow order

It is this final point that brings me onto the crux of this post. In short (because the rest of this post has, you know, skirted): it gets to me astoundingly if multicoloured things aren’t in spectrum order. Niche, I know. To the point that, as a seven-year-old kid (and younger) I obsessively sorted my coloured pencils into order when I put them away (yes. That weird. Who’d have thought) and that when I buy Smarties (or Skittles – this OCD knows no bounds), I still sort them out into a complimentary colour grid before eating them. The following shots of things either arranged in colour order, or doing a good job of looking multicoloured and pretty, prove that while sorting sweeties is odd, pulling together a full palette of colour can be cheery, pleasing and chic, particularly with interior details. It can even, as this awesome post proves, be art.

Images via Grazia, This is Glamorous, Honestly… WTF, Decor8


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