Songs To Make You Smile: 3 – 7 October

It’s cold! Or colder! I’m wearing ankle boots! I wore fake fur today! The mornings smell like damp bonfires and hot black coffee! You can sleep at night underneath a duvet! All these things are currently brightening my outlook for the weekend which seems to have arrived early. I plan on exploring some of the dinky little cafés around Clapton and Stoke Newington (though I’m pretty sold on the one opposite my front door, which serves unlimited free shortbread biscuits with their coffee – BONZER), and perhaps catching the National Portrait Gallery’s Glamour of the Gods exhibition on Sunday. And not saying bonzer in public.

You’ll notice there are two Sixties tracks in this week’s running order – though they are vastly different, I’d have ideally avoided this – but given the appalling sad news about Steve Job’s passing, I figured Hey Jude fit Thursday’s mood. The Beatles were apparently his favourite band (hence Apple – though it’s been asserted that Bob Dylan also ranks up there) and I can think of no finer song to cheer someone up. After all, thanks to Steve Jobs, Kid Pix kids like me can listen to The Beatles wherever we go.

Happy listening and happy Friday. And watch this if you haven’t already.

Monday: Beck – Girl

Tuesday: The Byrds – Turn! Turn! Turn!

Wednesday: Santigold – Lights Out

Thursday: The Beatles – Hey Jude

Friday: The Wonders – That Thing You Do



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