Star Wars Propaganda

If like me you’re a borderline geek, and have a bit of a thing for Lucasfilm trilogies and (or) history and (or) graphic design, you will love these spoof Star Wars propaganda posters, discovered the other day on ffffound.

Bearing a strong resemblance to Soviet and Maoist imagery (I can’t recommend this blog on the subject enough), the posters are a fun, witty by-product of fan devotion to the original trilogy – with both sides of the Intergalactic Civil War (Yes. I just typed that) represented.

Given the propensity of middle-class households to mass-buy the same posters – For Like Ever and Keep Calm and Carry On being two notable examples – these would be a discerning, and arguably cooler alternative. May the force be with you.


One thought on “Star Wars Propaganda

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