Songs To Make You Smile: 26 – 30 September

So I know that the weather in New York has been apocalyptic, ya’ll (I see your Twitter posts you East Coasters) but in London it’s been balmy. Or actually barmy: close to 30 centigrade and sunny and a bit like the summer we’re always promised, but never quite recieve (I tell you East Coasters, if you lived the constant cycle of  soaring meteorological hope and crashing, catastrophic disappointment like us, you’d talk about the weather all the time too). This means this week has passed at August holiday-season pace and given I’ve been on an austerity measures diet (flat deposits are the devil, I tell you but conversely, Heinz tomato soup is manna) reaching pay day with a sunny, hot weekend stretching out before me has never been sweeter. I’ve got my beady eye on a big Sunday brunch at Cafe 338 in Bethnal Green (because I have mad skills I can still eat a metric ton even in extreme heat) and tickets booked for London Zoo and it’s all going to be lovely.

On that cheerful note here are this week’s smiley songs: I hope they get you as excited for your weekend as I am for mine.

Happy listening and happy Friday!

Monday: The Killers – Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont’s Thin White Duke Remix)

Tuesday: John Lennon – Oh Yoko! 

Wednesday: Jet – Are You Going To Be My Girl?

Thursday: Cher – Believe

Friday: David Bowie – Let’s Dance


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