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As mentioned here, I did a whole lot of moving house this week, so as much as the rest of London might have been focused on London Fashion Week and the goings on at Somerset House, my attention was very much trained on architecture (or, strictly speaking, buildings if we’re talking about my new flat – though lovely, it’s no Gherkin). Visits to the Lloyds of London offices and the Hindu Mandir at Neasden – two of the hundreds of buildings open to the public over the Open House London weekend (keep your eye on this site next time for reference) kind of got me into the swing of things. They may not look at all like the flat I’ve moved into, or each other for that matter, but that’s precisely why poking around them is so interesting and fun.

Here are a collection of pictures I snapped, and then duly Instagrammed (I’ve got a new iPhone. Please understand) which pretty sum up my week.

St Paul’s Cathedral: still one of my favourite buildings in London

Lloyds of London: given the offices look a lot like a Star Trek spaceship, it’s even more fitting that the business of insurance is also about living long and prospering

The Mandir at Neasden: impossibly surreal by the edge of a busy roundabout, but wonderfully peaceful

The Barbican Towers: having lived in the development for the past month, I can safely say it’s a freaking awesome place to live (Yes. That’s a technical architectural term. I hear Norman Foster uses it frequently.)

OMG: it turns out my flat has great windows for people watching. It also turns out that my new neighbourhood has a load of very witty construction companies.


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