Off Broadway Market

The past weekend was a surprisingly productive one, and one that mid-week I’m definitely missing. Despite a fight with a top-loading washing machine (a battle far more epic and interesting than it sounds), and a tonne of recipe testing (try this Posh Spag Bol recipe for size) I managed to get a whole lot done, including a relaxed, meandering visit to Broadway Market.

For those who haven’t been to this corner of East London, Broadway Market has now almost into the mainstream gauntlet of London foodie destinations- not only is it year-round – but it’s becoming increasingly ritzy. Many of the stalls are organic, there are no end of craft bakers, it’s chock full of fashion types and street snappers, and it’s increasingly the preserve of young, arty couples with child-model children.

However, this is to do Broadway a disservice: it is a great place to go on a lazy Saturday morning, the crowd is refreshingly tourist free and as it’s a specialist food market off the beaten track, the prices are considerably cheaper than more central destinations. Moreover, while the place may serve as a catwalk for the local young-creative set, this is not prohibitive: rather the general mood is of easy, East London humour and – perhaps surprisingly – an increasingly European cafe culture.

Above: Grab a Kookoo wrap from Black Lime Persian Food . The saffron potato patties made by Soli, who runs the stall are just as good on their own, and the dates with mascarpone are beyond divine.

Above: Shamelessly bright crochet at one of the vintage homeware stalls

Below: a better alternative to the Cat and Mutton, the American bar Off Broadway. Order a 312 from Chicago craft-brewers Goose Island, or if you’ve got Williamsburg hipster aspirations, a Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR, for short). The nachos and cocktails also come highly recommended.

Above: grab a Merito Coffee. At lunchtime, the queue can be 30-deep, but it’s worth it for a perfectly creamy latte. You can also buy your coffee beans here – from around £1.60 per 100g.

As well as the above, I’d also push you to try Violet cupcakes (I inhaled a salted caramel cupcake) and the burgers at the Northfield Farm stall. The pork and stilton mix lends itself to hangover cures.


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