Songs To Make You Smile: 5 – 9 September

This week was the first week of my new Twitter experiment. Everyday I’ve posted a song from YouTube that makes me happy (tagged, as the title of this post might suggest, #songstomakeyousmile) in the hope that it makes someone else’s day a little brighter.

Now, it’s worth noting that these are not necessarily going to be technically beautiful or considered lyrical genius. In fact, some of the things I plan on posting (I already have a playlist of options saved) are downright appalling and definitely not ahead of the curve. The point is I don’t mind. These songs bring a smile to my face in the middle of a rainy London morning and so, whatever else they are, they’re a little bit magical.

At the end of each working week, I plan on cataloguing all five tracks here. If you’ve got suggestions, please post them below.

Happy listening and happy Friday!

Monday: The Kinks – Days

Tuesday: She & Him – I Can Hear Music

Wednesday: Sesame Street – Rebel L (from Billy Idol’s ‘Rebel Yell’

Thursday: The Who – Baba O’Riley

Friday: KC and the Sunshine Band – Give It Up


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